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Are you interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional Corporate Social Responsibility? 

We want to speak to you about the benefits of taking part in a skill sharing expedition to Africa that focuses on ‘Trade Not Aid’. It is a chance for your employees to take part in an incredible project designed to empower local businesses in Malawi, mentor students and drive trade and employment to one of the world’s poorest countries. A chance to network with other business professionals over a seven day expedition and be part of a long term sustainable skill sharing programme.


Who are Orbis Expeditions? 

Based in Malawi, Africa and Devon, UK, Orbis Expeditions is a bespoke travel company owned and run by Dom and Kate Webb, offering a range of educational and adventure travel opportunities,. We would like to introduce you to our Orbis Skills Sharing challenges to Malawi, Africa. 

We have over 10 year’s experience of working within Malawi and currently host over 40 groups annually including The Orbis Challenge with Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes. 

We have an office and Malawian staff base in Blantyre, Malawi, allowing us to ensure the long term sustainability of the skill sharing work we do.

Why Malawi? 

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and also one of the happiest. Its people have become largely dependent on the aid industry and there is a huge lack of skills support for small- to-medium businesses. Driving tourism to Malawi directly supports the local economy and provides employment and we aim to take that one step further. Orbis Skills Expeditions takes skilled professionals out to Malawi and works directly with small groups of local business owners, providing them with skills to develop their companies. It offers training and support to school leavers along with team building activities and networking. 

How your company can get involved?

We are looking for companies that are committed to offering their employees inspiring opportunities to engage with, broaden their skills and network and approach their Corporate Social Responsibility on a global scale. 

An Orbis Skill Sharing Expedition is a small group 7 day challenge combining skill sharing, mentoring, adventure and business networking. Each expedition is designed around the skills each group have to offer, including skill sharing workshops with entrepreneurs in Malawi, mentoring students in a rural lakeside school, hiking and team building. 

We offer three Orbis Skills Expeditions every year: 

1.The Women’s Challenge (May - Women only) 

2.The Connect Retreat (September - Mixed group) 

3.Women’s Empowerment (September). 

We can also offer a bespoke expedition, created just for you and your team or business. 

Your contribution: 

- Contribute/sponsor part of the cost of the expedition:
o Expeditions range from £1,600-£2,600 (flights are not included and are approximately £600-£800, depending on the season).

- Businesses may choose to incentivize their staff by offering to sponsor their working days of the expedition.

- Contribute employee leave days: Allow participating individuals to take additional leave days for this expedition. 

How does this benefit your business? 

Staff Incentive Scheme: A part funded or fully funded place on an Orbis Skills Expedition offers your employees the opportunity to travel with a real purpose, using their core business skills, inspiring them through an amazing adventure and offering a chance to network with a wide range of professions, making them feel valued in the process. 

PR Coverage: Your business can utilize the Orbis Skills logo, images and film recordings for blogs, internal newsletters and communications for your company branding. 

Corporate Social Responsibility: A chance to truly push the boundaries of traditional CSR, tailor make a trip in line with your company ethics and values, reinforcing your commitment to Global Corporate Social Responsibility – being at the forefront of the Trade Not Aid movement. 

Demonstrating Possibilities: A sample Orbis Skills Expedition: 

•  Group Size: 10 people. 

•  Professional profile of participant: Marketing Manager, Business Development Consultant, 
Engineer, Architect, Chief Financial Officer, Entrepreneur, IT/Tech Consultant. 

•   Day 1-2: Arrive. Acclimatization. Team Building and Networking Activity, Safari, Tea Tasting. 

•   Day 3-4: Business Workshops with Malawian Business Owners. Opportunity to share and teach basic finances, how to keep a cash book, how to lead a team, how to motivate and empower your staff, how to use social media effectively, how to create a business plan. This is where you can create a workshop to suit the skills you feel your team have to offer to the local business owners. 

•   Day 5: Team Building and Networking Activity - Hike, village and homestay. 

•   Day 6-7: Small group workshops with students at Lakeside Secondary School. Workshops 
can include: How to present yourself at interview, STEM style challenges, teacher training, sports challenges, how to write your CV. 
Day 8+: Add on activities/days – to suit participants 

We would love to hear from you and see what expeditions we can design for you and your employees. Get in touch, the opportunities are endless. 

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Self employed?

If you wish to join one of our skill sharing teams travelling to Malawi then you can offset your days that you use your skills through your business.

We have also worked with self employed people who have added extra time in country to volunteer their skills in mentoring business owners and put their flights through their company for this additional time taken from paid work at home.