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Bespoke Business Packages

We are passionate about pushing the world of CSR and corporate away days into really sustainable motivational experiences for your staff. We can arrange bespoke business expeditions to Malawi, fundraising challenges, team building experiences - all with skill sharing elements involved.

We want to give your team a chance to use their core skills, be inspired within their sector and incentivise them to see your company as breaking ground in the field of CSR.

Our expeditions are all about Trade and not AID they are about empowering local people in Malawi with skills and driving the local economy.

Most Popular: 5 Day Expedition including Hiking Mulanje Mountain, 2 days of project/skill sharing, Wildlife Safari.

Interested? We can first come in and chat with your team or speak at a company event about Global Corporate Responsibility and the #tradenotaid campaign.


Funding your staff

Employer or employee we work in multiple ways with businesses to ensure our expeditions are as accessible as possible and offer your company a really unique opportunity to be part of a sustainable corporate social responsibility initiative. As a large part of your trip to Malawi is skill based many companies are keen to be involved and offer incentivised packages to cover most if not all of your costs.

If your company has a gender focused policy or wants to challenge the way they see their charitable giving then find out more about how our Orbis Skills Expeditions can give your team members a chance to use their skills, work in a different cultural setting and be a part of a bespoke team of business leaders travelling with a purpose.

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Self employed?

If you wish to join one of our skill sharing teams travelling to Malawi then you can offset your days that you use your skills through your business.

We have also worked with self employed people who have added extra time in country to volunteer their skills in mentoring business owners and put their flights through their company for this additional time taken from paid work at home.