passionate about supporting local economic development in Malawi…

My name is Kate Webb. I am married to Dom and we have two children, Sam (aged 4) and Emmie (aged 2). We live in South Devon and I can be found most days either messing about with the kids or in our office in Kingsbridge or usually trying to do both!

We lived in Africa for ten years. Seven of those years were spent in Malawi setting up our company there, The Responsible Safari Company. We loved the challenge of working and living in Malawi and found inspiration at every turn, from the incredible landscape to the wonderful warm hearted nature of the people we met. It was our home and where we still choose to base our company which now hosts groups from around the world specialising in offering bespoke travel expeditions.

In 2016 we set up Orbis Expeditions in Devon, UK. It was time to return to the UK and having a UK company as well as our Malawi organisation gives us full control of every expedition we work on. We were able to apply for ABTA and ATOL registration, , get all the insurances and paperwork we needed and crucially meet our groups and plan each trip in person. Our team in Malawi is still going strong and will be there to welcome you off the plane when you arrive.

Orbis Skill Expeditions grew out of our ethos to ensure tourism benefits local people, to try where possible to support the local economy and to to drive the idea behind sustainable development centring about Trade and not Aid. During our time living in Malawi we had met some many entrepreneurial Malawians that were starting businesses- no start up loans, no business training- but just sheer passion and determination. We also had many travellers that wanted to travel with more of a purpose, it wasn’t enough to just visit and take part in ecotourism, they wanted more…they wanted to be part of something.

I believe that empowering people with skills and education is the very best way to enable sustainable development solutions and I try and offer this opportunity within an expedition that is designed to also give you a taste of the culture, landscape and unbelievable vibe of this wonderful slice of Africa.

If you want an adventure, want to travel with a purpose and work with some incredible people then do get in touch as I would love to plan an expedition with you or steer you towards one of our group departures that would suit you.

Hope to speak soon. Kate

Kate and Joseph